sanskrit: (छाया, chāyā) shelter, shade, shadow

hebrew: (חַיָה, hāyā) from chai (חַי, hai ): living, life

japanese: (chāyā) teahouse

welcome to chhaya – serving coffee, waffles, brunch and delicious baked goods in south philadelphia’s east passyunk avenue.

our organic, fair trade coffee is locally hand-roasted in small batches and delivered to us on a daily basis. we grind and brew our coffee to order and never hold it for more than 30 minutes, ensuring that every cup of coffee we serve to you is as fresh and delicious as possible.

our food menu is simple but carefully crafted with a focus on quality ingredients and heartfelt preparation. everything we serve is made fresh in-house everyday – from the baked goods, waffles and sandwiches to the chocolate sauce and chai.

join us everyday for breakfast, lunch, coffee or snacks!

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    1823 e. passyunk ave.
    philadelphia, pa

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